How to climb 8BARS competition leaderboards

8BARS competitions consist of two types of events, both of which will earn you points so you can rise up a leaderboard.

The first type of event is a Clash. Here entries are matched into head to head ‘Clashes’ against other rappers where votes can then be placed depending on who you think won. Each vote is counted towards your total on the leaderboard (and you can’t vote on your own entries to keep things fair).

The second type of event is Votes. Here individual raps are visible on their own, not as a head to head clash. They can be liked by viewers and each like will count towards your total points on the leaderboard.

Follow these 5 steps to help climb a leaderboard:

1) Share with your friends and fans

It’s important to let your friends and fans know you’ve entered the event so they can support you. Sometimes it can be a great idea to tell a group chat or let people know directly how they can get involved.

2) Share on social

You can export your videos using the export tool, or take screenshots and share across your social media to get your followers support. This is one of the most important things to do if you want to rise up to the top of the leaderboard. Don’t forget to tag us @8BARSAPP as we often repost!

3) Enter events early

No matter when you enter an event, our matchmaking system will always make sure you have as fair of shot a shot as possible at reaching the top. However, there’s no denying that entering early and getting eyes on your bars while things are hotting up can increase your chances of getting ahead of the crowd.

4) Quality matters

We always advise you record using headphones to avoid feedback or duplicate audio. Making sure your voice is clear by listening back and mixing with the adjustments panel after recording is essential to reach the top.

5) Stand out from the crowd

Recording in a well lit space and creating a great visual aspect to your bars will help you to stand out and gain support from users. We recommend having your face clearly visible, plus if you want to get creative with your environment and be extra unique that’s even better!

Our events are a great way to win real life prizes from merch and equipment to music videos and studio time with producers! Check out or current events in the ‘Contests’ tab within the app now, or on the events page on the blog to find out more.