8BARS Product Update – v1.67.4

We wanted to take a moment to reach out and explain some upcoming changes to 8BARS. We’ll give the quick hits first, then explain in more detail if you’re interested and don’t mind reading a bit.

  • We’ve fixed some issues with loading Clashes.
  • We addressed some of the issues with the leaderboard (list not loading, , list being occasionally out of order) but one remains (entries past 99 are a …).
  • We’ve removed Stacks from the UI. This is in preparation for some new features coming this summer (plus..  Stacks were sort of broken).  

We 100% appreciate the time and energy you all pour into 8BARS and letting us know when stuff is great.. and not so great. We believe we’re in the process of building something special and we’re glad you’re all here early. If you want to read a bit more, we’ll continue below. 

Due to the increased number of fans and artists joining us recently, we’ve found some issues. From our perspective, it’s one of the best problems to have, but still created a bad user experience for everyone. 

When we launched the PS5 prize for Fans, one of our servers went down. Similarly with the S&C event, our servers got overwhelmed which caused a number of unexpected and weird errors in the app. We have increased the capacity of our server and those issues should be sorted.

There are often problems with an app that are difficult to test/notice until you have a lot of people trying to upload/download at once and really stressing the systems. We know it sucks when something doesn’t work as expected, but thank you to our community for helping us find some of those issues.

There was also a weird loading issue on the Leaderboards where you could only see 12 people at a time unless you went forward, then back, then it would add 12 more. Then forward, back, reload, 12 more. Bit too much of a dance just to be able to see the full list of the amazing artists in this Strawberries & Creem event.

Stacks. When we say they are broken, we mean from an economic standpoint. There is nothing to spend them on (except voting), so they can give the sense of being worthless. Additionally, the speed with which they are earned is inconsistent for different users. To speak plainly, they were always broken. We put them in the app because we thought it was a good idea and it gave some sense of progress, but as time passed it become more and more evident there was a problem.

We will be implementing a progress system in the coming months. There will be an advantage to having been here from the start, being a Trailblazer, and having earned Stacks, but that is a work in progress. Unfortunately, we had to take them out of the app in order to fix some systems, understand what the UI would look like and reorganise things a bit. 

As we said above, thanks again for all your patience while we build this app, break things and then fix things. More than the app, we’re proud of the community we’re building and we truly appreciate everyone involved! Looking forward to a great summer and more amazing opportunities coming in the second half of 2022.

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