Update – Votes, Points and the Leaderboard

In our current Strawberries and Creem event, each Clash is set to resolve at 50 Votes. Basically, if you reach 50 Votes before the person you are up against, you will be declared the Winner. Winning rewards 5 bonus Points. So, 50 Votes = 50 Points +  5 Points Winning Bonus. 

It’s important to distinguish between a Vote in a Clash vs. a Point on the Leaderboard. 

I’ll create an example below to illustrate this more clearly.

Let’s say I enter a similar event and I have 5 Clashes created. Imagine I win 3 of my 5 Clashes because I’m good at convincing my friends to download 8BARS and vote for me. 

Clash 1: 50 – 25 (win)
Clash 2: 50 – 49 (win)
Clash 3: 50 – 28 (win)
Clash 4: 17 – 50 (lose)
Clash 5: 13 – 50 (lose)

I received a total of 180 Votes across all five Clashes. I won three of those Clashes so I was awarded 15 Bonus Points (3 wins x 5 bonus points)

My Leaderboard score would be 195 Points.

Relatively straight forward so far.

Here’s where it gets a bit complicated. Deleted accounts don’t count on the Leaderboard. Again, if someone who voted for you deletes their account, their Point is taken away from the Leaderboard (in all clashes they voted on).

Let’s say I got seven friends to download the App and vote for me… and then they deleted their account. If those seven friends voted for me in all five clashes, that is a total of 35 ‘Points’ that will no longer count. My 195 Points on the Leaderboard becomes 160.

Currently I would keep the ‘Winning Bonus’ from a resolved Clash – this is mostly because re-opening resolved clashes/removing the Bonus due to a deleted account would break our whole system. 

We’ve also noticed that if you share a link directly to your Clash, the App does not require the person to create a username, hence a number of no name Fans. We’re working towards a better system of authenticating accounts and dealing with changes in points due to deleted accounts, but this is the current state of the App. 

We’re also looking into voting trends with some of those deleted accounts. On the one hand, we don’t want to punish folks for hustling and getting people to download the app and vote for them, but we also don’t want to encourage spam/bots/exploits.

It’s a work in progress and we really appreciate everyone commenting, providing feedback and being supportive.

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